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Laughing joke plastic crap sensor from Michigan. Vaning action totally misses gusts. Get yourself the best of the best: A.S. Richards C5. This crap from Michigan would disintegrate in winds that the C5 would take like child’s play.

Paul Costa, YouTube – 2018
Absolutely NOT the “best wind sensor made” – all plastic, high RPM, and not comparable to industrial New-England-made sensors

The RM Young sensors are 100% plastic extremely high RPM sensors good for measuring LOW wind speeds in environments that don’t experience extreme weather, such as placid Michigan (where this “lightweight” sensors is made.)

The “best anemometer is undoubtedly the A.S. Richards C5 anemometer from Massachusetts. machined out of Titanium/Stainless steel and engineered to withstand winds in which the plastic R.M. Young sensor would disintegrate.

The R.M. Young sensor vanes well into the wind and is good for direction, but it is absolutely deficient in measuring gusts versus traditional cup anemometers (see studies proving this.) The fact that this thing is spinning at such a high RPM means it is not at all a choice for severe climates (such as NW ENGLAND, where the “best” anemometers are made – i.e. Inspeed, NRG, Maximum, Inc., and A.S. Richards) where strong winds will destroy this sensor.

For example, on 3/26/14, these sensors were located on Buoy 44027 near Jonesport, Maine and picked up 114mph winds. They were subsequently so ruined by this even that they were reporting ridiculously high readings after this event, and the NWS wrongly concluded observation erroneous.

If a quality New-England-made Richards C5 anemometer or NRG IceFree3 (all made from military grade metals) had been used instead of this plastic lower-quality RM Young vane-style anemometer, the NWS would have been able to have clean data for the extreme values.

R.M. Young is a good choice for hobbyists and low-wind applications, or applications where the convenience of having speed/direction in one unit matters.

But, for professionals, or for extreme climates, it is an AWFUL choice.

I have owned one since Dec 2012.

Paul Costa, 2 Star Amazon review – 2018