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  • An Automatic Quality Control System for Data Loggers Utilizing Edlog Programming Language
    Quality control is an important aspect of any automated weather observation system. Whether it be via human or automatic system. Here I’ve put together an automated quality control system for data read and saved to final storage to be viewed […]
  • Robust Indoor Display
    I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have finally come to a conclusion that might be worth while. Consider if you will a home weather station with a completely customizable display reading data from the outdoor unit in […]
  • HMP35C Life Extension
    About a week ago I managed to snag several HMP35As off of eBay. While sure these sensors are obsolete, the Vaisala capacitive polymer H chip within are compatible with the HMP35C. Beauty of this is we can harvest the usable […]
  • Moving Forward with Project CAPE
    After taking some time to think through the best way to execute data observation for project Collection of Atmospheric Pressure data Experiment (CAPE), I think I have come up with a pretty good solution. The main components of every mobile […]
  • “Research Grade” Weather Station(s) Cost Prohibitive? Not Necessarily
    Despite meteorological instrumentation often being tens of thousands of dollars, there are actually ways to save a buck or two if you look to get your feet wet in remote sensing. Either you’re like me and don’t have a prestigious […]