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  • Robust Indoor Display
    I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have finally come to a conclusion that might be worth while. Consider if you will a home weather station with a completely customizable display reading data from the outdoor unit in […]
  • HMP35C Life Extension
    About a week ago I managed to snag several HMP35As off of eBay. While sure these sensors are obsolete, the Vaisala capacitive polymer H chip within are compatible with the HMP35C. Beauty of this is we can harvest the usable […]
  • Moving Forward with Project CAPE
    After taking some time to think through the best way to execute data observation for project Collection of Atmospheric Pressure data Experiment (CAPE), I think I have come up with a pretty good solution. The main components of every mobile […]
  • “Research Grade” Weather Station(s) Cost Prohibitive? Not Necessarily
    Despite meteorological instrumentation often being tens of thousands of dollars, there are actually ways to save a buck or two if you look to get your feet wet in remote sensing. Either you’re like me and don’t have a prestigious […]